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Juzi, the Mandarin podcast, was established on 22nd March 2020 amid the global coronavirus pandemic.


Juzi, or the mandarin orange, is an important symbol of Chinese culture. Not only is it an essential fruit in the lives of the Chinese people,it also signifies luck and prosperity.
桔子丁丁,大胃( David Ding)——中国北方人,曾经先后在中国大陆、新加坡和美国等地学习、生活及工作。中英文流利的大胃一直在推动科技创新工作,创办并积极参与多地草根创新创业圈子。目前他就职于星展银行的创新部,并担任新加坡国立大学海外学院同学会会长。跨文化工作经验丰富的他,深深感受多元化商务沟通的重要性,希望通过「桔子播客」,推动大家说好中文。
桔子惜惜,陈惜惜(Tan Siok Siok)—— 新加坡华人,曾经旅居北京十年,一直致力于跨文化跨语言的媒体工作。她曾经担任Discovery频道亚洲区监制 ,监制的纪录片获得亚洲电视大奖及金钟奖的多项奖项及提名。而惜惜用iPhone拍摄北京胡同的生活点滴 ,也广获好评,于2017年出版了《人在北京》及《北京:城与年》两本书。其中, 她与作家宁肯的跨界合作的作品《北京:城与年》更获得了2018年鲁迅文学奖。

David Ding was born in a Northern city of China and studied and worked in China, Singapore and the United States. He is an innovation leader and problem solver. He is also a connector and community developer. He developed and organized several bilingual industrial communities, conferences and events in the APAC region. He is passionate about technology, cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural exchanges, helping connect people. Led by an entrepreneurial mindset, his personal mission at Juzi Podcast is to encourage more and better bilingual skills in the pan APAC regions and promote more business and cultural collaborations involving speaking Mandarin.

Siok Siok is a Chinese Singaporean who was based in Beijing for ten years before returning home. She has built a media career bridging China to the world. As the executive producer for Discovery Channel in Asia, the films she produced garnered multiple nominations and awards at the Asian TV Awards and Taiwan’s Emmys, the Golden Bell Awards. Her mobile phone photography of life in the Beijing hutongs has also won acclaim, culminating in the publication of two books in 2017. One of the books, Beijing: City in Time, her interdisciplinary collaboration with novelist Ning Ken, won China’s prestigious Lu Xun Literary Prize in 2018.