BILINGUAL JUZI cont’d – 双语桔子 又来咯

A Different Kind of Summer continues in June 2020

Here come three episodes of Bilingual Juzi.

双语桔子之「日新月异的美食文化」 Bilingual Juzi from CHANGING FOOD CULTURE

第七集的「桔子直播」在「不一样的夏天」里,跟大家闲聊一下「日新月异的美食文化」,看看「双语桔子」带来哪些中文词汇吧 讲究,啥意思?怎么用?听多多 讲多多咯In Episode 7 of Juzi Live, we chatted about "changing food culture" in "a different kind of summer". Here comes BILINGUAL JUZI; time to pick up several words about food. have fun!

Posted by Juzi Podcast 桔子播客 on Thursday, 11 June 2020
双语桔子之「都市追梦人」Bilingual Juzi – Dream Catchers in Metropolitan Cities

在大都市追梦的我们,桔子丁丁和桔子惜惜聊了很多呢:北漂、梦想、机遇、都市、志在四方、国泰民安等, !We, the dream catchers in metropolitan cities, talked about several useful words and phrases – Beipiao, Dreams, Opportunities, Metropolitan cities, ambitions etc.

Posted by Juzi Podcast 桔子播客 on Thursday, 18 June 2020

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