Juzi Live Ep8 Teaser 桔子直播 第八集 预告

Juzi Live Ep8 Teaser 桔子直播 第八集 预告

疫情改变了大家的生活和工作方式。而数码化再次升格,大都市也有了突如其来的变化。在这「不一样的夏天」里,背井离乡的人们会在后疫情时代怎样继续追梦呢?第八集的桔子直播会跟大家聊聊 -「都市追梦人 Dream Catchers in Metropolitan Cities」六月十七日,周三晚八点,不见不散哦!奥利给!Here is a teaser on episode 8 of juzi live See you at 8pm, Wednesday, 17th June 2020桔子直播第八集 juzi live Ep8 – 都市追梦人 Dream Catchers in Metropolitan Ci

Posted by Juzi Podcast 桔子播客 on Sunday, 14 June 2020
Juzi Live Ep8 Teaser 桔子直播 第八集 预告

The pandemic has changed the ways we live and work. As the digital transformation is on the rise, the metropolitan cities are embracing the new changes.

In this different kind of summer, how would those who left their homes and moved to bigger cities continue to pursue their dreams in the post-pandemic era?

第八集的桔子直播会跟大家聊聊 – 「都市追梦人 」
In episode 8 of juzi live, we will talk about Dream Catchers in Metropolitan Cities.


Here is a teaser video!
See you at 8pm Wednesday, 17th June 2020

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